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Silverline Tutoring is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit connecting tutors and students within our organization of over 1600 dedicated members. Founded by college and high school students, this company recognizes the difficulty of learning—we’ve all been there.

From the depths of math to complex texts in English, every student has struggled. We want to bridge this divide in education by providing free tutoring to any student.

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a tutoring session between a college student from Carnegie Mellon Univeristy and a highschooler

A Plethora of Resources

We understand that different students have different needs per subject. Therefore, we have a team of dedicated tutors ready to aid the student regardless of their needs.

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We have 40+ tutors readily available to help any student in any subject from english to calculus.
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Our tutors can adjust their meeting times and teaching styles per each student to maximize the student's benefit.
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We have a vast community with helpful members and events such as trivia night, allowing each student to learn in a helpful environment.
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Quality Lessons

Each tutor is carefully interviewed or certified prior to teaching, allowing for quality lesson plans for students.

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Satisfied Students


testimonial from Rithvik


High School Sophomore

“ I got so much help for AP exams, and it was free to top it all off. My tutor was very helpful and helped me get 5's on my exams!”

testimonial from Shanti


A Parent

“This service is so great, my child was struggling and lack confidence in math in general. Her tutor was great, and helped her through many problems and was patient with her. I would recommend Silverline Tutoring to any parent I meet”

testimonial from Li

Li Jian

8th Grader

“Silverline Tutoring is great! I really liked the instant help feature on discord. I was able to get help with any questions I had instantly.”

testimonial from Rithin


High School Junior

“I was looking to get help in chess because there wasn't many opportunities for me to learn where I lived. My tutor helped me a lot. He taught me many different strategies from opening to endgames. He always made time to tutor me and did so with a passion.”

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Frequently Asked

Fill out the student form located under "get involved," and feel free to join our Discord server to learn more.

Tutoring sessions take place online and can be conducted through zoom or other video conference platforms. If you are a member of our Discord server, the voice channel feature will often be used by our tutors.

No! Silverline is a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that students recieve tutoring for free. Tutors earn volunteer hours in exchange for their help. However, students can earn from our program as we often host trivia nights with a cash prize thanks to our sponsors.

Fill out the tutor form located under "get involved," and we will reach out to you. Be prepared to answer questions during an interview as well as a short 5-10 minute lesson to demonstrate your skills in teaching. Afterwards, we will determine if you are suited to teach and the specific subjects.

Most of our tutors are high school senior or college students. However, some of our tutors are teachers or former teachers. Regardless of the tutor, we guaruntee that all of our tutors are qualified.

Silverline tutoring is run by highschoolers and college students. Our full team can be found here.